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Ethel BLACKNELL b. 15/02/1896 d. 16/04/1978

Ethel BLACKNELL b. 15/02/1896 d. 16/04/1978 - Chronology

Date Kind Origin Details
16/10/1890 Marriagei, 1 Family Event As Child [Parents] Place Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire
16/10/1890 Other Eventi Family Event As Child [Parents] 14 Enfield Street
Type Address
Place Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire
1896 Other Event Event Dynhynlle Cottage, Penylon
Type Address
Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
15/02/1896 Birthii Event Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
1918 Other Eventiii Event Ethel took on bringing up the younger children after Clara's death
Type Fact 1
Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
29/05/1920 Birthiv Child Event As Mother [Robert Charles OWEN]
29/05/1920 Son Mother [Family] Robert Charles OWEN b. 29/05/1920 d. About 27/12/2008
About 1927 Other Eventv Spouse Event [Spouse] Raleigh
Type Employment
Place Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Before 1927 Other Eventiii Event Type Place
Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
About 1927 Other Eventv Event Moved back for Notts
Type Place
Place Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
1948 Other Eventvi Event 19 Acton Avenue
Type Address
Place Old Basford, Nottinghamshire
1978 Other Event Event 20 Laxton Avenue
Type Address
Place Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
1978 Cremationv, 2 Event St Aidens Church
Place Basford, Nottingham
16/04/1978 Death Event Place Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
About 27/12/2008 Death Child Event As Mother [Robert Charles OWEN] Place Ilfracombe, Devonshire, England
Marriage Family Event As Spouse [Family]


1. Witnesses John Blacknell & Allice White; [Note Record]
2. Bob's and Ethel's ashes are buried at the side of the church wall
3. Cerebral Thrombosis - blood clot in brain (possibly leading to stroke) Arteria Sclerosis - hardening of the arteries Carcinoma of stomach - Gastric cancer


i. Register of Births Marriages & Deaths; Page Marriage//1890/259; [Source Record]; Certainty Unknown ('4')
ii. "Census Returns of England and Wales, 1901." Database online.; Page (accessed 8 Jun 2011), entry for 31; Class: RG13; Piece: 3184; Folio: 48; Page: 33.; [Source Record]; Certainty Secondary Evidence
iii. Interview by Paul Blacknell 26/12/2004; not recorded; Page Iola Hughes; [Source Record]; Certainty Secondary Evidence
iv. Letter from Bob & Norma Owen; [Source Record]
v. Letter to Paul Blacknell 10/6/2004; [Source Record]
vi. Register of Births Marriages & Deaths3; Page Death/Nottingham/Nottingham North/1948/31; Text 31 Twelfth January 1948 City Hospital Frederick BLACKNELL Male 80 years of 19 Acton Avenue Old Basford formerly a Farm Labourer I(a) Cerebral Thrombosis I(b) Arteria Sclerosis II Carcinoma of stomach E Owen Daughter of 19 Acton Avenue Old Basford Nottingham Thirteenth January 1948 J Toft Registrar; [Source Record]; Certainty Unknown ('4')

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