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Arthur BLACKNALL b. 1861

Arthur BLACKNALL b. 1861 - Pedigree

Frederick BLACKNALL1
1837i, ii, iii-1901iv
Calverton, Nottinghamshirei, ii, iii
1813i, ii-
Calverton, Nottinghamshirei, ii
Calverton, Nottinghamshireiii
1814i, ii-
Calverton, Nottinghamshirei, ii
Calverton, Nottinghamshireiii


1. Possible link to John Blacknall (1833) as was witness in his wedding Parents of this frederick are not the same as john's as listed in 1861 census But perhaps mother Ann remarried; [Note Record]


i. Calverton, Census, 1841; Page HO 107/865/8; [Source Record]; Certainty Secondary Evidence
ii. Calverton, Census, 1861; Page PRO RG9/2444 f17 p27; [Source Record]; Certainty Primary Evidence
iii. Arnold, Census, 1871; Page RG10 3492 p30; [Source Record]; Certainty Primary Evidence
iv. Register of Births Marriages & Deaths; Page Death/Basford/Arnold/1901/291; Text 291 First January 1901 Church Lane Arnold Frederick Blacknell Mail 63 years Framework Knitter Chronic Pulmonary Phthisis 1 year Certified by D Stenhouse LRGP The Mark of Ann Blacknell Widow of deceased Present at the death Church Lane Arnold Second January 1901 EY Coates Registrar; [Source Record]; Certainty Unknown ('4')

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