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Family Record: Robert OWEN x Ethel BLACKNELL

Family Record: Robert OWEN x Ethel BLACKNELL - Chronology

Date Kind Origin Details
1896 Other Event Spouse Event [Wife] Dynhynlle Cottage, Penylon
Type Address
Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
15/02/1896 Birthi Spouse Event [Wife] Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
1918 Other Eventii Spouse Event [Wife] Ethel took on bringing up the younger children after Clara's death
Type Fact 1
Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
29/05/1920 Birthiii Child Event [Robert Charles OWEN]
29/05/1920 Son This Family Robert Charles OWEN b. 29/05/1920 d. About 27/12/2008
About 1927 Other Eventiv Spouse Event [Wife] Moved back for Notts
Type Place
Place Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Before 1927 Other Eventii Spouse Event [Wife] Type Place
Place Ruabon, Denbighshire
About 1927 Other Eventiv Spouse Event [Husband] Raleigh
Type Employment
Place Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
1948 Other Eventv Spouse Event [Wife] 19 Acton Avenue
Type Address
Place Old Basford, Nottinghamshire
1978 Other Event Spouse Event [Wife] 20 Laxton Avenue
Type Address
Place Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
1978 Cremationiv, 1 Spouse Event [Wife] St Aidens Church
Place Basford, Nottingham
16/04/1978 Death Spouse Event [Wife] Place Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
About 27/12/2008 Death Child Event [Robert Charles OWEN] Place Ilfracombe, Devonshire, England
Marriage Event


1. Bob's and Ethel's ashes are buried at the side of the church wall
2. Cerebral Thrombosis - blood clot in brain (possibly leading to stroke) Arteria Sclerosis - hardening of the arteries Carcinoma of stomach - Gastric cancer


i. "Census Returns of England and Wales, 1901." Database online.; Page (accessed 8 Jun 2011), entry for 31; Class: RG13; Piece: 3184; Folio: 48; Page: 33.; [Source Record]; Certainty Secondary Evidence
ii. Interview by Paul Blacknell 26/12/2004; not recorded; Page Iola Hughes; [Source Record]; Certainty Secondary Evidence
iii. Letter from Bob & Norma Owen; [Source Record]
iv. Letter to Paul Blacknell 10/6/2004; [Source Record]
v. Register of Births Marriages & Deaths2; Page Death/Nottingham/Nottingham North/1948/31; Text 31 Twelfth January 1948 City Hospital Frederick BLACKNELL Male 80 years of 19 Acton Avenue Old Basford formerly a Farm Labourer I(a) Cerebral Thrombosis I(b) Arteria Sclerosis II Carcinoma of stomach E Owen Daughter of 19 Acton Avenue Old Basford Nottingham Thirteenth January 1948 J Toft Registrar; [Source Record]; Certainty Unknown ('4')

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