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BLACKNELL, Ann, 1838-, birth
BLACKNELL, Anthony Arthur, 1983-, birth
BLACKNELL, Brian, 1941-, marriage to Cynthia WRIGHT [Family]
BLACKNELL, Denys, 1926-1994, marriage to Phyllis D. PARRY [Family]
BLACKNELL, George, 1838-, birth
BLACKNELL, Lyndon Clive, 1965-2007, death
BLACKNELL, Mary, 1843-, birth
BLACKNELL, Robert Geoffrey, 1952-, birth
BLACKNELL, Ronald Fraser, 1950-, marriage to Geerije EYGENHUYSEN [Family]
BLACKNELL, Samuel, 1857-, birth
BLACKNELL, Sylvia U., 1924-1991, marriage to Herbert V. DAVIES [Family]
BLACKNELL, Sylvia, 1931-, marriage to Llewellyn MORRIS [Family]
BLACKNELL, William, other event
DAVIES, Derek, 1950-, birth
DAVIES, Herbert V., marriage to Sylvia U. BLACKNELL b. 1924 d. 1991 [Family]
DAVIES, Janet, 1952-, birth
ELLIOTT, Mary Ann, 1830-1913, death
EYGENHUYSEN, Geerije, marriage to Ronald Fraser BLACKNELL b. 22/11/1950 [Family]
FREER, Anna Maria, 1876-1913, death
FREER, Annie Amelia, 1895-, birth
FREER, Clara Teresa, 1899-, birth
FREER, Edith Anne, 1893-1894, death
FREER, Edith Anne, 1893-1894, birth
FREER, George Frederick, 1897-, birth
FREER, Gladys, 1904-1905, birth
FREER, Gladys, 1904-1905, death
FREER, Mabel, 1906-, birth
HUGHES, Iola, 1926-, other event
HUGHES, Iola, 1926-, education
HUGHES, Iola, 1926-, birth
LEIGHTON, Freda Amelia, 1901-1984, death
MORRIS, Llewellyn, marriage to Sylvia BLACKNELL b. 22/08/1931 [Family]
MORRIS, Nan Rhys, 1958-, marriage to Chris WORRELL [Family]
MORRIS, Stan, 1920-1991, death
MORRIS, Stan, 1920-1991, burial
MORRIS, Stan, 1920-1991, birth
PARRY, Phyllis D., marriage to Denys BLACKNELL b. 20/08/1926 d. 17/03/1994 [Family]
WORRELL, Chris, marriage to Nan Rhys MORRIS b. 20/10/1958 [Family]
WRIGHT, Cynthia, marriage to Brian BLACKNELL b. 1941 [Family]
?, Ann M, 1836-, birth

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