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Northern Ireland
  BLACKNELL, Ronald, 1931-2006, spouse Glenda ROBERTS b. 27/09/1933 d. 12/12/1994 [Family]
COLHOUN, Robert, spouse Cathleen CONNOR [Family]
CONNOR, Cathleen, spouse Robert COLHOUN [Family]
PARKER, William, -1988, spouse Rebecca Jane QUIGLEY b. 22/06/1930 [Family]
QUIGLEY, Jane, spouse George SMYTH [Family]
QUIGLEY, Rebecca Jane, 1930-, spouse William PARKER d. 10/11/1988 [Family]
ROBERTS, Glenda, 1933-1994, spouse Ronald BLACKNELL b. 22/08/1931 d. 19/01/2006 [Family]
SMYTH, George, spouse Jane QUIGLEY [Family]
  BLACKNELL, Betty, 1929-1987, spouse Reg HACKETT [Family]
BLACKNELL, John, spouse Ann STOUT [Family]
FREER, Arthur, 1867-, spouse Annie PERCIVAL [Family]
HACKETT, Reg, spouse Betty BLACKNELL b. 1929 d. 1987 [Family]
PERCIVAL, Annie, spouse Arthur FREER b. 28/02/1867 [Family]
STOUT, Ann, spouse John BLACKNELL [Family]
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
  BLACKNELL, Harry, 1894-1965, spouse Dorothy Lydia WINSON b. 1900 [Family]
WINSON, Dorothy Lydia, 1900-, spouse Harry BLACKNELL b. 1894 d. 1965 [Family]
  BANCROFT, Sarah, spouse Michael BLACKNALL [Family]
BINCH, Abel, 1824-, spouse Elizabeth BLACKNELL b. 1824 [Family]
BLACKNAL, Ann, spouse John BLUNDALL [Family]
BLACKNAL, Joseph, spouse Ann HITHERSAY [Family]
BLACKNALL, John, spouse Elizabeth HALLUM [Family]
BLACKNALL, John, spouse Anne TONGE [Family]
BLACKNALL, John, 1833-, spouse Jane GILBERT b. 22/08/1830 [Family]
BLACKNALL, Joseph, 1784-, spouse Elizabeth SPENCER b. 1788 d. 31/12/1871 [Family]
BLACKNALL, Mary, spouse Thomas BRAMWELL [Family]
BLACKNALL, Mary, spouse Samuel THORPE [Family]
BLACKNALL, Michael, spouse Sarah BANCROFT [Family]
BLACKNALL, Samuel, 1786-, spouse Mary WOOD [Family]
BLACKNALL, William, 1752-, spouse Susanna PALETHORP [Family]
BLACKNELL, Ann, spouse William BROADHEAD [Family]
BLACKNELL, Charles, 1841-, spouse Emma SMITH b. 1842 [Family]
BLACKNELL, Dorothy, 1674-, spouse John FOSTER [Family]
BLACKNELL, Elizabeth, 1824-, spouse Abel BINCH b. 1824 [Family]
BLACKNELL, Emily, 1827-, spouse James HOGGART b. 17/08/1823 d. 26/08/1883 [Family]
BLACKNELL, Frederick, 1867-1948, spouse Clara FREER b. 03/09/1869 d. 17/03/1918 [Family]
BLACKNELL, Harry, 1894-1965, spouse Dorothy Lydia WINSON b. 1900 [Family]
BLACKNELL, John, 1856-, spouse Ann GILBERT b. 13/10/1861 [Family]
BLACKNELL, Sam, spouse Elizabeth TURNERE [Family]
BLACKNELL, Susannah, spouse William COOPER [Family]
BLACKNELL, William, 1730-1767, spouse Ann PECK [Family]
BLACKNELL, William, 1820-1890, spouse Charlotte HARRISON [Family]
BLUNDALL, John, spouse Ann BLACKNAL [Family]
BRAMWELL, Thomas, spouse Mary BLACKNALL [Family]
BROADHEAD, William, spouse Ann BLACKNELL [Family]
COOPER, William, spouse Susannah BLACKNELL [Family]
FOSTER, John, spouse Dorothy BLACKNELL b. 24/06/1674 [Family]
FREER, Clara, 1869-1918, spouse Frederick BLACKNELL b. 20/07/1867 d. 12/01/1948 [Family]
GILBERT, Ann, 1861-, spouse John BLACKNELL b. 01/07/1856 [Family]
GILBERT, Frances, 1854- [Family]
GILBERT, Jane, 1830-, spouse John BLACKNALL b. 04/08/1833 [Family]
GILBERT, William, 1801-1883 [Family]
HALLUM, Elizabeth, spouse John BLACKNALL [Family]
HARRISON, Charlotte, spouse William BLACKNELL b. 1820 d. 14/06/1890 [Family]
HITHERSAY, Ann, spouse Joseph BLACKNAL [Family]
HOGGART, James, 1823-1883, spouse Emily BLACKNELL b. About 1827 [Family]
OWEN, Robert Charles, 1920-2008, spouse Joyce PALETHORPE b. 10/04/1922 d. 12/08/1996 [Family]
PALETHORP, Susanna, spouse William BLACKNALL b. 22/10/1752 [Family]
PALETHORPE, Joyce, 1922-1996, spouse Robert Charles OWEN b. 29/05/1920 d. About 27/12/2008 [Family]
PECK, Ann, spouse William BLACKNELL b. About 1730 d. 20/02/1767 [Family]
SMITH, Emma, 1842-, spouse Charles BLACKNELL b. 05/03/1841 [Family]
SPENCER, Elizabeth, 1788-1871, spouse Joseph BLACKNALL b. 31/10/1784 [Family]
THORPE, Samuel, spouse Mary BLACKNALL [Family]
TONGE, Anne, spouse John BLACKNALL [Family]
TURNERE, Elizabeth, spouse Sam BLACKNELL [Family]
WINSON, Dorothy Lydia, 1900-, spouse Harry BLACKNELL b. 1894 d. 1965 [Family]
WOOD, Mary, spouse Samuel BLACKNALL b. 29/10/1786 [Family]

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