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Screveton, Nottinghamshire
  BLACKNALL, John, 1833-, spouse Jane GILBERT b. 22/08/1830 [Family]
GILBERT, Jane, 1830-, spouse John BLACKNALL b. 04/08/1833 [Family]
Shepshed, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom
  BREWIN, Henry, -1881, spouse Emma FREER b. 26/02/1858 [Family]
FREER, Emma, 1858-, spouse Charles LAKIN [Family]
FREER, Emma, 1858-, spouse Henry BREWIN d. 1881 [Family]
LAKIN, Charles, spouse Emma FREER b. 26/02/1858 [Family]
  BLACKNELL, Frank, 1898-1958, spouse Freda Amelia LEIGHTON b. 03/01/1901 d. 1984 [Family]
LEIGHTON, Freda Amelia, 1901-1984, spouse Frank BLACKNELL b. 1898 d. 1958 [Family]
Skegby, Nottingham
  FREER, Arthur, 1867-, spouse Annie PERCIVAL [Family]
PERCIVAL, Annie, spouse Arthur FREER b. 28/02/1867 [Family]
Southwell, Nottinghamshire
  BLACKNALL, John, spouse Anne TONGE [Family]
TONGE, Anne, spouse John BLACKNALL [Family]
St Peter's Church, Hambledon
  BLACKNELL, Andrew Charles, 1966-, spouse Alexandra Rachel SWAN b. 01/09/1967 [Family]
SWAN, Alexandra Rachel, 1967-, spouse Andrew Charles BLACKNELL b. 03/09/1966 [Family]
  APPLEYARD, Colin, 1944-, spouse Nan Rhys MORRIS b. 20/10/1958 [Family]
GOAD, Sharon, 1965-, spouse Alex THORNTON [Family]
MORRIS, Nan Rhys, 1958-, spouse Colin APPLEYARD b. 02/05/1944 [Family]
THORNTON, Alex, spouse Sharon GOAD b. 10/04/1965 [Family]

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