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Elizabeth SPENCER b. 1788 d. 31/12/1871

Elizabeth SPENCER b. 1788 d. 31/12/1871 - Overview

Name Full Name Elizabeth SPENCERi
Forename Elizabeth
Sex Female
Birth 1788ii, iii, iv, Bingham, Nottinghamshire
Death 31/12/1871iii, Calverton, Nottinghamshire
Spouse Joseph BLACKNALL b. 31/10/1784 [Family]
Children 1. Elizabeth BLACKNELL b. 1824
2. Emily BLACKNELL b. About 1827
3. Alfred BLACKNELL b. 1831 d. 27/12/1901
4. John BLACKNALL b. 04/08/1833
5. William BLACKNELL
Change Date Date 02/01/2009
Time 15:06

Elizabeth SPENCERi was born in 1788ii, iii, iv in Bingham, Nottinghamshire. Elizabeth died on 31/12/1871iii in Calverton, Nottinghamshire aged about 83. Cause of death - Bronchitis, 3 Weeks.

(Research):Likely to have been born between 1/1/1788 and 3/4/1788. Death certificate age and 1871 census age 84 in both cases.

3 sons and 2 daughters listed.




Elizabeth BLACKNELL1 was born in 1824ii, iv, v in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.


Emily BLACKNELLvi was born about 1827ii, vi.


Alfred BLACKNELLii was born in 1831ii, vii in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Alfred died on 27/12/1901viii in Chesterfield, Derbyshire aged about 70.


John BLACKNALLix was christened on 04/08/1833ix in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.






1. (Research):An Elizabeth Blacknall was married Basford Q3 1856; [Note Record]


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