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Family Record: Unknown x Jane GILBERT

Family Record: Unknown x Jane GILBERT - Overview

Husband Unknown
Wife Jane GILBERT b. 22/08/1830
Child #1 Frances GILBERT b. Between 1854 and 04/1854
Child #2 Ann GILBERT b. 13/10/1861
Change Date Date 22/03/2005
Time 23:15

Jane GILBERTi, ii, 1, 2nd child of William GILBERT, was christened on 22/08/1830iii, 2 at St Augustine of Canterbury Church, in Flintham, Nottinghamshire.

Jane had a family with (name unknown). 2 daughters given.



Frances GILBERTii, 3 was born between 1854 and 04/1854iv, v, 4 at Screveton, in Screveton, Nottinghamshire.

She was christened on 15/10/1854vi, 5 at St Wilfred Church, Screveton, Nottinghamshire, in Screveton, Nottinghamshire. She was recorded in a census on 05/04/1891vii in Basford, Nottingham. On 31/03/1901 Frances was recorded in a censusviii in Basford, Nottingham.


Ann GILBERTii, ix, 6 was christened on 13/10/1861x, 7 at St Wilfred's Church Screverton, in Screveton, Nottinghamshire.




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3. 1881 Census Calverton (White) RG11 3337/11 Main Street Walter Head m 20 Ag Lab Hyson Green Nottm Frances Wife m 27 Screveton Notts Alice Wifes Daugh 6 Scholar Nottingham William Son 11mths Calverton Notts @N157@ @N159@; [Note Record]
4. Gilbert Fanny Jun Qtr 1854 Bingham 7b 521 or 321; [Note Record]
5. NameParentsAbodeOccupationMinister FannyJane GilbertScrevertonSingle Woman; [Note Record]
6. 1861 Census Screveton (Gilbert) RG9 2483/32 William Head m 59 Ag Lab Screveton Notts Ann Wife m 55 Flintham Notts Grace g daugh 5 Scholar Screveton Notts Ann g daugh 3 ,, ,, ,, @N160@ @N200@; [Note Record]
7. Baptism October 13th 1861 NameParentsabodeOccupationMinister AnnJane GilbertScrevertonSingle Woman; [Note Record]
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