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Family Record: Samuel BLACKNALL x Ann MEADS

Family Record: Samuel BLACKNALL x Ann MEADS - Overview

Husband Samuel BLACKNALL b. 1823 d. Before 1904
Wife Ann MEADS b. About 1833 d. 07/03/1904
Child #1 Frederick BLACKNALL b. 21/03/1859
Child #2 William BLACKNALL b. 1862
Child #3 Sarah J BLACKNALL b. 1866
Child #4 Richard BLACKNALL b. 1868
Child #5 Mary BLACKNALL b. 1870
Child #6 Fanny BLACKNELL
Change Date Date 22/08/2011
Time 15:38

Samuel BLACKNALLi, ii, iii, eldest son of Richard BLACKNELL and Jane HALLUM, was born in 1823i, iii, iv, v in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Samuel died before 1904vi aged about 81.

Ann MEADSvii was born about 1833i, vi in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Ann died on 07/03/1904vi in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire aged about 71. Cause of death - Bronchitis and Emphysema 6 months.

In 1859 Samuel married Ann. 3 sons and 3 daughters given. Samuel and Ann took part in or experienced an event in 1861viii in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. They took part in or experienced an event in 1871iv in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.



Frederick BLACKNALLi was born on 21/03/1859i, iv, vii, viii in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.


William BLACKNALLiv was born in 1862iv in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.


Sarah J BLACKNALLiv was born in 1866iv in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.


Richard BLACKNALLiv was born in 1868iv in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.


Mary BLACKNALLiv was born in 1870iv in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.






1. Cerebral Thrombosis - blood clot in brain (possibly leading to stroke) Arteria Sclerosis - hardening of the arteries Carcinoma of stomach - Gastric cancer


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