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Family Record: Frederick BLACKNELL x Fanny MITCHEL

Family Record: Frederick BLACKNELL x Fanny MITCHEL - Overview

Husband Frederick BLACKNELL b. 1836
Wife Fanny MITCHEL b. 1844
Child #1 John T BLACKNELL b. About 1774
Child #2 Jane BLACKNELL b. 1863
Child #3 William BLACKNELL b. 1867
Child #4 Ann BLACKNELL b. About 1869
Child #5 Henry BLACKNELL b. 08/1870
Child #6 Fanny E BLACKNELL b. About 1879
Child #7 Emily BLACKNELL b. About 1880
Child #8 George BLACKNELL
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Frederick BLACKNELLi, 5th child of Richard BLACKNELL and Jane HALLUM, was born in 1836i, ii, iii in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.

On 28/08/1836 Frederick was christenediv in Calverton, Nottinghamshire.

Fanny MITCHELii, only child of Emma MITCHEL, was born in 1844ii, iii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.

He had a family with Fanny. 4 sons and 4 daughters given. They took part in or experienced an event in 1871ii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.



John T BLACKNELLiii was born about 1774iii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


Jane BLACKNELL was born in 1863ii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


William BLACKNELL was born in 1867ii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


Ann BLACKNELLiii was born about 1869ii, iii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


Henry BLACKNELLiii was born in 08/1870ii, iii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


Fanny E BLACKNELLiii was born about 1879iii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


Emily BLACKNELLiii was born about 1880iii in Warsop, Nottingham, England.


George BLACKNELLiii.




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